2017.06.05 NEWS



さて、6月5日「NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM MALAYSIA」を名乗る団体がスリランカ人に対して日本での就労をあっせんするかのような行動が確認されました。

この「NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM MALAYSIA」と当社日経HRが主催するNIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM は一切関係がございませんのでお知らせします。ロゴや名称を勝手に利用した不審な団体には十分ご注意をお願い申し上げます。


2017年6月 株式会社日経HR

About the suspicious organization who deceive our company name in Malaysia

Thank you for your cooperation and understandings for our business. On 5th June, we’ve found that there is an organization called “NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM MALAYSIA”. The organization sent document which states that they support for people in Sri Lank to help to work in Japan.

This "NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM MALAYSIA" and “NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM” which held by Nikkei HR, Inc. has no relation at all. Please pay attention to suspicious groups that used our logos and names without permission. Our company has no offices in Malaysia.

The information about “NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM” will be informed only from Nikkei HR, Inc.
Thank you for your understandings.

June, 2017
Nikkei HR, Inc.